The core panel of OSB Firestop is OSB 3 board acc. to EN 300 standard defined as load-bearing board used in humid conditions. OSB 3 is treated with patented fire-resistant Pyrotite® finish on one or both sides. As opposed to conventional wood-based boards, OSB Firestop has better classification in the evaluation of reaction to fire. According to European classification (EN 13501-1), it meets class B-s1, d0. The Pyrotite® finish consists of magnesium oxide cement, reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. This finish is tightly bonded with core OSB board without cracks and delamination. Cement-based finish improves the burn-through resistance of OSB board, limits the flame spreading on OSB surface thereby significantly reduces the spreading of building fire.

OSB Firestop boards provide load capacity and fire resistance of building structures and are lighter and stronger than plasterboard. With the same thickness, they achieve similar fire properties as sheathing systems based on the combination of OSB and plasterboard.

Using OSB Firestop boards as roof or floor decking saves assembly time and is more cost-effective. When using OSB Firestop as internal lining, the walls and ceilings can only be finished by primer and conventional interior paint.

Pyrotite® technology for OSB boards has more than fifteen years of verified functionality. In contrast to conventional fire protective coatings designed for wood-based products, Pyrotite® does not lose its protective qualities over time.

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